Verkauf 301 Cabrio aus England

Von einem englischen Peugeotfreund, den ich persönlich von den internationalen Treffen kenne, kommt folgendes Angebot:

Hello Michael

Apart from enquiring after it, my reason for contacting you is to establish whether there would be any interest in Germany for my 301 Roadster which I have decided to sell. I have had it for nearly 20 years but have not used it much because I don’t have suitable vehicle or trailer to tow it to events and it is difficult to any distance in the car- we took it to the IPM in Belgium in 2009 and that was quite an effort!
The car is in very good condition overall, with a few minor points needing attention (fuel gauge, wiper motor among them). The engine was rebuilt in France in 2006/7 and although the original restoration dates back to the 90s, I have had minor details attended to since. A photo is attached.
The timing of my selling it is rather critical, as I think there is a better market in Europe, so I am planning to get it across the channel before the the Brexit deadline, whenever that may be!
At the moment I have been offered space to store it in Paris pending a sale, but thought it may be an idea to ask some friends around Europe whether there would be an interest in the car. I will be guided on price by Guy Masmonteil of the Les Amis du Lionclub in France.
I will attach some information about the 301 as well and look forward to your thoughts.
With kind regards
John Hepner”

Und hier die Infos zum Roadster:

Peugeot 301 Roadster – 1933: Serial number 562089
The car has an interesting history. It was originally delivered in Lyon (one of 199 of that model produced in 1933); nothing further is known until the early to mid 1970s when it was acquired by the Peugeot company and sent to South Africa for the local Peugeot apprentices to work on and learn about mechanics. At this stage, Robert Peugeot was also working for the company in South Africa, and I do not know if he had any involvement in this. In 1979, Peugeot and Citroën South Africa was taken over by the Sigma Corporation, which also assembled Mazda and Mitsubishi cars and CKD assembly transferred to their plant in Pretoria. In 1985 Sigma was merged with the Ford South Africa to form South African Motor Corporation Limited (SAMCOR). This company was headed by Spencer Sterling, a long time Ford USA and South African executive. In 1986 Peugeot withdrew from the South African market and Mr Sterling acquired the 301 Roadster when the remaining assets were sold. He restored the bodywork of the car and kept it until late 1999 when it was offered for sale. I happened to be in South Africa at the time, saw the advertisement, responded and bought the car, unseen. I first saw and drove the car on my next visit in May 2000 and it was then shipped to the UK a year later. The car has attended International Peugeot Meetings in Italy in 2001 and Belgium in 2009. In 2006, a complete engine rebuild was carried out by Culasses 77 in Nanteuil-lès-Meaux; the car has been used very little since then, less than 1000km. Some bodywork restoration was also carried out in Kent in 2014.

Kontaktaufnahme bitte direkt bei John Hepner über Mail:
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